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Novel Ideas...

In my typical schizophrenic fashion, I've switched my writing efforts to my epic fantasy novel that I had let lie fallow for nigh unto 10 years now.  I had one of those OMG-where's-my-pen-and-notebook moments a couple weeks ago that took all those notes (a mighty stack of lined paper) and sketches and maps and character profiles and scenes and snippets and gave them a real foundation and purpose.  It defined the main characters and the two main, conflicting antagonists (complimentary, I assure you) and gave me hope for the first time in an not-exaggerated decade that I may get this written yet.  Some small pieces of it are actually artifacts from my very first attempts at fantasy fiction when I was around 11 or 12 years old.  

So now I'm working furiously away at it.  Well, pretty furiously.  Sometimes I'm poking at my paranormal YA novel.  And my supernatural thriller screenplay.  And my San Fran Noir screenplay.  And revising my short story for another round of submissions...

Oy vey.


My beautiful wife is a quiet sort.  Shy and reserved if you don't know her, but wickedly witty once you do.  A little while back I was talking with her (to her? at her?) about whatever writing I was working on at the moment while she frittered away at Farmville.  I teased her about her gaming, saying, "You should use that time to write a novel, baby!"

To my utter surprise she did not tell me to make like an egg.  "Well, actually..."


She then launched into an explanation of this wonderful idea she has for a series of historical novels based on the her ancestral roots in New England.  After over 22 years of marital bliss (well, 22 years of bliss for me, about 6 or so for her!) it's a delight when your spouse springs a big ol' surprise like that.   

She has never considered herself a writer of any sort.  She doesn't usually think of herself as the "creative type."  I beg to differ.  She has a knack for communicating and sharing her thoughts and emotions with real clarity and honesty.  I believe she can do that on paper too.  I think learning a little craft would go along way to breaking down that newbie insecurity most of us have struggled with at one time or another.  It doesn't matter if nobody ever reads it, if only I do, or if the world does.  I would love to see her try, and I think she'd love to see it too.

I believe in you, baby :)


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Jan. 7th, 2011 12:16 pm (UTC)
WHat a delightful post! Forget the craft-learning b.s. Let her write. :-) The best way to learn to write a book is by doing one. If you try to learn all the craft b.s. FIRST, you'll be 90 years old, finally know exactly what to do, and get Alzheimers.

It's okay not to know. Purity of idea and expression is worth its weight in gold.

You will land on one thing, Anthony. And you will have success when you do. I'm with you, bro. I think I have eight ideas for books going at any one time. Even now. Yup. Look into your heart and listen to it. Choose one. Maybe a new one. Go with your heart.

Now, if I can only do this myself.
Jan. 7th, 2011 03:26 pm (UTC)
This is AWESOME! It isn't often the writer gets loving support and feedback from the spouse. To have a common connection and BOTH write? That's scintilating!

This is Valerie of the Stephen King lessons, btw. I couldn't log in! Thanks for stopping by The Write One and thanks for the incredible comments!!
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